Home Alone


Sorry this one has took so long but we are just reaching a month home and we have been so busy. We’ve been learning a lot of new medical care stuff for Debbie including the hoist and changing the water in the Balloons. That’s the balloons that keep the PEG feed in, not party balloons.

I would also say that this month has started sorting the wheat from the chaff as to assistance for Debs. We have had family members helping with decorating and dropping off food parcels. Some of Debbie’s friends who she worked with has been looking into the progression of MS and asking some sensible questions. We have 2 people fighting for us on the clinical side and I’m hoping the next 2 months will show some results for Debbie’s long term care plan. There has been some negatives with some people but I hope they come round eventually. I know it’s been holiday time.

Lucia our carer has been a trouper and has been doing 6 or 7 hours a day while only getting paid for part of her time. I still think she’s the best decision I made in the last 12 months. I’m not sure I will ever be able to repay her for her hard work and kindness. We are going to lose her for a month from December to January as she is going home to Romania for Christmas, new year and her birthday. I’ve had started looking for a replacement or an agama and hope to have in place this next week.

We are putting the house on the market next week as we have to move to rented accommodation. So have started the process of dealing with estate agents, I don’t believe a word they say šŸ˜¦

That also means we have been looking for disabled ready properties we can move into with 3 bedrooms. I’m sure your aware this is a big ask and as we live in Trafford we can’t get a named social worker to help. I have contacted my MP but response it felt very perfunctory. So again, watch this space.

Debbie is on a high at present which drives me up the wall. I have nearly walked out twice this week but I do know it’s the bipolar and she doesn’t mean it. It’s hard though when she calls recruits against me who don’t realise about her mental condition and then I’m the big bad wolf again. I’m not sure how I can stop this happening but as long as there are ignorant people to call I will be in trouble.

I lost my new job last month as I had to care for Debbie but they were great and paid me for another month ….result

Any questions please get in touch

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