Home for Christmas

The carer Lucia is going home to Romania for Christmas, so this past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to find an agency or a carer to cover for her until January.

Trafford council supply a long list of agency’s that we can use. After phoning around 20 to 30 I only found 2 agencies that covered Sale, performed hoisting, fed through peg feed and could give liquid meds. I asked both company’s to come and meet Debbie and have a chat about the care. It’s at this point that prices meant we couldn’t use them under the Trafford scheme. I went back to the council and they gave me one more name. Got them in and yehhhh they can do everything and can cover dates.

So now we are organising training and handover days between Lucia and the new

Also this week the house has gone on the market so we have fingers crossed that sells quickly. But busy tidying and and get EPC certificates done. We still don’t know where we can move to but that’s another problem for another day.

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