The Not So Wet Room

I haven’t updated this blog for a while as I wanted issues to have progressed before I put anything in writing. 

When we were forced to move to Stockport we were told that we could get a ramp to the front of the buliding and a wet room for Debbie but soon after adaptions in Stockport said they had ran out of money and they could not bulid anything. 

With Debbie being so poorly they did offer for us to get already adapted housing. We have maximum points you can get for adapted housing but In 18 months we have only seen 3 houses which are either tiny and we can’t even have a washing machine or Debbie in the living room. Also they don’t allow dogs and we’re not getting rid of biscuit.

This month we have had a ramp fitted and it has made life a lot easier as we don’t have to struggle with temporary ramps in and out of the house. Also front garden is not all mud as we turn wheel chair in the front garden. It’s fantastic. 

For Debbie to be able to shower we have been traveling to a small Hospitial on the other side of the A6. It’s a problem organising dates and it can be up to 6 weeks between showers. Stockport still say they have no money so I’m looking at building a wet room ourselves.

So as of December I will be starting a get “Debbie a Wet Room” campaign. I will be trying to get money from charity’s and crowd sourcing and I’m running again in the Manchester 10k. Seeing last year it nearly killed me and I had to spend 2 weeks in Hospitial I hope to raise a bit off that. Once under way i will go back to the council and try and get top up. 
This is how Debbie has to spen 22 hours per day.

Watch this space 
Craige Barker


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