Stockport Public Transport

A few months ago I complained on here about disabled transport in the Stockport area, mainly taxis for disabled use. I have reported to my MP who put a Councilor on the job and after a month took a outdated list of transport numbers down off Stockport website. He also told me that because of […]

Christmas update 

Debbie and Me are preparing for Christmas. Our main live in carer Lucia has gone back to Romania for Christmas and new year so we have been trying to sort external carers. The agency’s have not been much help but a Gumtree advert may have given us what we need. Usual daily struggle with disease […]

Carers Limbo Again

  You have to have bags of patience in dealing with local government, NHS and government departments. We moved nearly a month ago now and although most areas have gone well I have had to hide away a lot of issues from Debbie. I don’t like hiding things from my sick wife but when the decisions […]

New Year a New plan

I know it’s been a while since I updated this blog but I’ve been waiting for the world to wake after the Holidays, which seems to get longer every year. As I said in the last update we are in a state of limbo waiting for decisions from all parties and I really wanted to […]

Limbo Christmas

Three weeks to go to Christmas and I haven’t bought one present or put any decorations up. We’re still waiting for Debbie’s benefits decision so I chased last week with DWP. They told me that there could be a up to a year for ATOS to perform the medical. ATOS are doing what they were […]

Home for Christmas

The carer Lucia is going home to Romania for Christmas, so this past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to find an agency or a carer to cover for her until January. Trafford council supply a long list of agency’s that we can use. After phoning around 20 to 30 I only found 2 agencies […]

Home Alone

Sorry this one has took so long but we are just reaching a month home and we have been so busy. We’ve been learning a lot of new medical care stuff for Debbie including the hoist and changing the water in the Balloons. That’s the balloons that keep the PEG feed in, not party balloons. […]