Christmas Carers 

For the past 3 years we’ve had some bad times at Christmas. Firstly because any carers always want to be with family at Christmas and it’s been very dIfficult to find anyone who wants to work Christmas or Boxing Day let alone Christmas week. We have had some carers over Christmas but because of desperation we couldn’t check them out properly and one of them stole some of Debbie’s drugs. 

Secondly most people’s houses are not wheelchair friendly so going somewhere else is a real struggle. We did manage to book a place at the “March Hare” last year and that was great for a few hours. I’m afraid we’re too late to book there. 

This year we have a new carer agency and they are promising to give us carers over the holidays. I believe she’s Muslim so doesn’t celebrate Christmas. Mind you I have known Muslim Carers want Christmas off to be with family. 

So I’m contemplating cooking Christmas dinner now for Debbie and I at home. This next 2 weeks will prove out our care plan for Christmas so fingers crossed this might be a real Holiday 🙂 

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