Finding Mrs Doubtfire

Last night I was with friends and they were all telling me that they read my blog and I should keep it up. One friend Clare Collins says “you could do with a happy one” I have racked my brains all night and day and I think I found a happy story. At christmas 2013 […]

Off the Cliff

About 2 months ago I started a new job this was part of my great plan. Interview and place a live in carer and return to work. We could keep the house and Debbie would be cared for. Carer in place I started new job in IT project management. It was work from home and […]

The Diagnoses of MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

When Debbie was first diagnosed with MS we had already had to deal with 8 years of miss diagnoses. The main thing her GP said was that Debbie had slipped disks. We pushed to get treatments but everything took so long 18 months her 12 months there. After 8 years of trying to get help […]

Why not post about MS (multiple sclerosis)

When I first decided to start blogging about my situation and looking after my wife Debbie, I saw this as a method to help enlighten others about about MS and the care needed. When I actually wrote I realised that I would be giving more away about Debbie than I would myself so I haven’t […]