Stockport Public Transport

A few months ago I complained on here about disabled transport in the Stockport area, mainly taxis for disabled use. I have reported to my MP who put a Councilor on the job and after a month took a outdated list of transport numbers down off Stockport website. He also told me that because of not having a black cab company in Stockport I should “befriend” some drivers at the station and get individual numbers of cabs that can take Debbie.

It did annoy me a bit but I’m so used to the response in Stockport that you have to do it yourself. If we lived in most of the other areas in Manchester we could call a Black Cab number but in Stockport we can’t. It’s like living in 1826. There is no response that we should have disabled access available in Stockport jay all.

I have bought a disabled vehicle but some days we can’t use so need an alternative.

Today was such a day and I called a disabled access cab and told him details. He turned up 20mins late! and Debbies head was pushed against the roof of the cab. We were a little late for the hospitial appointment,

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