Life Before MS

On the theme of being more happy around MS, I thought I would say a little about Debs before MS got to her.

When I met Debbie 15 years ago she was a very different woman to the one I see now every day. Debbie was a PA in the Musicians Union in Manchester and also sang in a covers bands all over the UK. Some of the bands were general weddings

The big group Debbie got sang with was “Baby Love” a Diana Ross and the supremes cover band. They were amazing, a great light show with smoke machines and a stunning sound system. They performed in some bloody rough clubs such as Brannigans and Chicago rock



Debbie loved singing in the bands and for a year or so even pulled together her own band with Peter, Rico and others. They rehearsed at Moolah studios in Stockport and Colin and Norm who owned it became good friends.

MS took its effect on Debbie both with her voice and also just the level of enthusiasm she had for the work.

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