Why not post about MS (multiple sclerosis)

When I first decided to start blogging about my situation and looking after my wife Debbie, I saw this as a method to help enlighten others about about MS and the care needed.

When I actually wrote I realised that I would be giving more away about Debbie than I would myself so I haven’t posted anything as it would have been an invasion of her privacy.

With recent changes in her condition I have decided once again to start this stop start blog. Things are not easy folks and we know they are only going to get harder.

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MS and Mood Swings

I thought I would start this Blog as I am finding it difficult to contact anyone who is caring for someone with MS with cognitive issues. My Wife has been diagnosed with MS for about 4 years and as with most people has possibly had it a lot longer maybe up to 25 years. We are both in our mid 40s and getting used to MS and what its going to do next has been an uphill struggle.

The big issue I would like to raise is that one of MS and serious Mood Swings or in certain cases like my wife full BiPolar. I know this can be more common in MS patients but its very difficult to find anyone with similar issues.

We live in Manchester UK and I would love people to get in touch as I build this blog to let me know of there personal experiences around cognitive issues and MS.

I wont pretend, I am having a difficult time dealing with it and I hope that throwing this out there  may help.

please contact me on craigebarker@mac.com if you have any relevant correspondence