Carers Limbo Again

  You have to have bags of patience in dealing with local government, NHS and government departments. We moved nearly a month ago now and although most areas have gone well I have had to hide away a lot of issues from Debbie. I don’t like hiding things from my sick wife but when the decisions taken by these agency’s could effect her health I am forced to. As I stated before in Trafford I had no help in finding properties to care for Debbie but now we’ve moved to Stockport they seem a lot more involved and although this is great I just wish for more help before. 

So we have moved into our new house with all it’s failings and advantages. Stockport council have been quick in getting involved in the changes required to the property. When I was looking at moving the property I had made sure enough space for Debbie’s Wet Room. At our new house there is the space and the woman from the council agreed but when she took the proposal to the council board it was knocked back. I have to now look at already adapted properties in the Stockport area that might suit Debbie. 

I’m off to look at new houses, no it’s not worth asking a woman of Debbie’s problems to consider a new house. She was only just getting used to this one.  Trafford have a lot to answer for.

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