New Year a New plan

I know it’s been a while since I updated this blog but I’ve been waiting for the world to wake after the Holidays, which seems to get longer every year.

As I said in the last update we are in a state of limbo waiting for decisions from all parties and I really wanted to write about progress.

Just before the break the building society said we had to see an advisor from a separate company that would represent us in the best light to the Halifax. To me it smelt of debt collector and when I told Citizens Advice they said the same. I called this guy from a company In Manchester and he swore that he was not part of any debt collection company so I agreed to risk him and let him in.

When he arrived he seemed really nice and he saw Debbie in her sick bed, house for sale sign up and said he was going to recommend to the Halifax that they take Interest only for a few months while the house sells. Relieved I settled back to get through Christmas.

On the Saturday between Christmas and New Year I got 2 letters from the Halifax. First one said they were going to start proceedings against us in 15 days. The second letter was a bill for the bloke I saw for a £150. To say I was devastated was an understatement. I had to wait until the Monday to speak to Halifax staff as to what the hell some bloke they sent to at my house, why they had ignored his recommendations, why I had a bill for a £150 and how could they do this to us.

My call was answered by Angelina, the first of my Christmas “Angels”. After I explained everything she zapped my bill to zero, pinged our mortgage to interest only and then dropped £20 into the account just because they had been a bunch of gits! Wow I couldn’t have asked for more. Well maybe a £50 gift but really a great result. Watch for future “Angels”

We received a letter from DWP that they had changed Debbie’s status from “return to work” to support. Yehaaaaa this was massive, Debbie could now in the future make claims for benefits without me. It was incredible that for the past 4 years they had insisted that Debbie was on a return to work strategy.

Today we have had 2 meetings regarding “Continuing Health Care” this is where Debbie’s care is moved from council social care to NHS care. This is a massive a change and stops the fight for individual incidents with council employees to an overall care plan for Debbie with Health staff. I can not stress enough how much this means to me for us to get “CHC” status. Today we’re the final meetings prior to the report being taken to board for approval. It’s very involved and its split into 2 meetings so some of the negative parts of the meeting don’t have to be in front of Debs.

The next and final stage of this work is to take place on the 10th of Feb, fingers crossed everyone on that day. This is a massive change to Debbie’s care and means more than money.

This would mean a whole new plan!

Happy new Year everybody!

3 thoughts on “New Year a New plan

  1. Hi – I ama reporter for Everyday health and am working on a profile of a person with MS who has experienced mood swings as a result.. Ive read your blog.. would you be willing to chat? I would need to use your full name and a photo.. let me know.. Denise Mann, 212-794-3832,

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