Born Again Christian

So last week after 2 Months in the big house Debbie came home. I was a bit worried because of all the changes that we were going to have to deal with following the new symptoms and challenges. I couldn’t get anyone from the medical teams to talk to me until Debbie was released from the Hospitial into the District, so the issues seemed greater. The old saying of “choose your battles” is my no 1 mantra at present. As if I kicked off about every mistake I wouldn’t have any time left to even sleep. Debs came out Thursday and the district nurses were supposed to come for the first visit on Friday but I had a call in the morning to say it was the nurses day off. Why this same nurse booked the appointment with me I shall never know. She turned up 3 days later and I had to just bite my tongue. She seems like a good nurse and I know they are under resourced but when they turn up late, cancel appointments, don’t have any notes, don’t know what is wrong with Debbie, it’s very hard not to get annoyed…… But I didn’t show it.

This week I met my possible saviour “Joyce Christian”. She has only so far filled out a form for us but her understanding of Debbie’s problems and the NHS “challenges” has been unbelievable. It’s 9 years that we have been fighting MS, the NHS, doctors etc and the main thing I have been looking for is a joined up plan for the care of Debbie. Social services do pay for a carers hours but it’s limited to what they can do and has been for a while. Joyce is the first person that has appeared to understand our problems and possibly offer a long term plan. I don’t believe in God never will but I’m now a born again Christian a “Joyce Christian”.

Debbie’s birthday yesterday and with the coming home issues, money and continence we have moved her birthday to weekend of the 1st and 2nd of November. We should be a little more in control by then.




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