Off the Cliff

About 2 months ago I started a new job this was part of my great plan. Interview and place a live in carer and return to work. We could keep the house and Debbie would be cared for.

Carer in place I started new job in IT project management. It was work from home and IT in major retail which used to be my specialist subject.

I started the new job about 2 months ago and day one Debbie’s mood changed severely to an ecstatic high.

Debbie has Bipolar as well as MS and the 2 effect each other a lot. When she’s on a high she’s going to be Prime Minister iand she will change the world. When she’s on a low she doesn’t want to leave the house. On lows she sits and watches paint dry. Lows are terrible for Debbie and she has talked of taking her own life during these periods. Highs are great for her but her behaviour is inappropriate. She puts herself at risk and this can be a worry if I have to leave her. This sounds terrible but lows are easier for me to deal with. She’s home safe and won’t leave or put herself in difficult situations.

So day one of new job Debbie is on a high, this is difficult because I can’t be there for her and she is running rings round the carer Lucia. Well wheeling round in her in her wheelchair. I speak to Debs a few times but it’s awkward when in an office talking to someone who is a little over the top. Conversations become a little one sided. It’s difficult in a new job normally but with this distraction it does pile on the stress, but we smile and push through anyway.

We managed a month with Debbie on a high and I hoped that things would calm down. Then one weekend Debbie fell off a cliff, all her symptoms suddenly got worse. That included swallowing which effects eating and drinking, then mobility and bladder problems. Debbie went into Trafford General for all these issues but mainly to have an NG (nasal gastric) tube fitted through her nose. Debbie had stopped drinking eating or taking meds so we needed a mechanism to do this. We had been told it needed to be a PEG feed fitted to Debs stomach but we weren’t going to get that in time so she needed an NG feed. An NG feed is passed up the nose and you have to swallow it again to get it past the throat. Debbie had this done but it only lasts for 6 weeks. Both myself and Lucia were trained in how to set up the feed system for Debbie and we seemed ready to go home.

My Daughter Lauren was getting married on the Friday so we pushed the medical staff for Debs to be released on the Friday morning. They would not have done this normally but then Debbie would have killed me if she didn’t make it. She left hospitial with the NG tube fitted. And we had a fantastic wedding.

The weekend following the wedding was a little more chaotic and with all the problems I had to call an ambulance on the Monday morning to take Debbie to Hospitial. I had to choose between the MRI or Wythenshaw. I choose the MRI I’m not sure I should have. My thinking was that we might get neurological specialist at the MRI, but no all the neurologists are at Salford and after 6 weeks Debbie with MS has still not seen a neurologist. I am dismayed.

I will post more details soon

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