Why not post about MS (multiple sclerosis)

When I first decided to start blogging about my situation and looking after my wife Debbie, I saw this as a method to help enlighten others about about MS and the care needed.

When I actually wrote I realised that I would be giving more away about Debbie than I would myself so I haven’t posted anything as it would have been an invasion of her privacy.

With recent changes in her condition I have decided once again to start this stop start blog. Things are not easy folks and we know they are only going to get harder.

Debbie has secondary progressive MS and we have struggled with the disease, doctors and healthcare system since 2008. Well maybe a little before because although Debbie was diagnosed we had symptoms for a long time.

Debbie had a cycle of the disease that appears to last 18 months. That is she has symptoms for 18 months and if the stay 18 months then they are hear forever.

Debbie is now in a wheelchair, she is bipolar (possibly from MS) she has colitis (possibly from MS) and sever swallowing issues.

From everything Debbie has wrong with her (and its a lot) it’s the mental or cognitive stuff that gets me the most. I’m watching my wife dissolve in front of me. When I met her there was no sign of this disease, now she’s severely disabled in so many ways.

I will leave to next post about recent changes but we’re not doing good folks 🙂

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